Our philosophy

In the Quest Office, we are driven by two motivations:

Our first motivation is the Quest:
We want to create interactive stories. The first thing we do is listen to the story. This is our way of finding out in what format it wants to be told. Because whether it’s a book, game
or app: we don’t limit ourselves to one medium. That’s why our previous work ranges from interactive audiobooks to mystery narrative games to cooperative board games.

Our second motivation is the Office:
We don’t just want you to experience our stories, we also want you to participate in the creative and organizational process. From the initial ideas to the failures, the motivational highs and lows, the milestones to the
finished work, you can follow along on our blog, on our Discord server, and possibly in other upcoming formats. We’re still at the beginning and we’re open to exploring new paths.

What sets the stories we share with you apart, are phenomena of our own everyday reality, that we transpose
into fantastic worlds and alien perspectives. For example, the storytelling game Scherbenfresser combines scenic play,
real fugitive experiences, and creative associations into a unique mystery storytelling game. It can now be played as a narrative board game or as an interactive audiobook.

Currently, the Quest Office is on a mission to save the night: We are working on Chosen, a cooperative card game. In a
dying world, you follow the constellations in the nightly sky on your lonely journey. At the same time, you guide the other chosen ones on their path through the constellations that you send them. This game requires communicative finesse and rewards you with extraordinary landscapes that you assemble together like a meditative group puzzle. Only by working together and communicating across distances you can prevent the ultimate cataclysm. We are working hard on it and are proud to be able to offer Chosen to you through crowdfunding next year!

Speaking of us: Currently, there’s Gianni, who provides the content and takes care of most of the office work. He is the founder of the Quest Office and a permanent member. We also have our Frau Blau who keeps a cool head, pulls the digital strings, and turns some crazy ideas into
something tangible. Also on board are the illustrator Cuculum and the layout artist Kathrina S. East, who are mainly responsible for the visual implementation.

About us

In our next project “Chosen” you will slip into the roles of lonely wanderers in a fantastic world.
That’s why we will visually introduce ourselves as the same.



The founder of Quest Office writes or talks all the time... With his rich background as a tabletop role-player and designer, he has published the award-winning narrative game Scherbenfresser. Since that first collaboration with Cuculum, he has been working on more projects than can ever see the light of day. He is fascinated by the combination of refreshingly new worlds enriched with ancient human themes. You can learn more about Scherbenfresser here. You can also read and listen to more about the author Gianni.


Illustrator, musician, painter: Cuculum is the quieter half of the duo Cataract of Dreams. He realized the first project with Gianni even before the official opening of the Quest Office: Shard Eater. Cuculum's sometimes abstract, sometimes concrete, but always very dreamlike style captivated Gianni, who is now a big fan of his art and style. Cuculum will also illustrate the next Quest Office project "Chosen". Learn more about Cuculum on his homepage. If you want to know more about the music of the Cataract of Dreams duo, click here!
Kathrina S. East

Kathrina S. East

Kathrina writes poems, stories, and songs. She is in many ways the voice of the Cataract of Dreams duo. But she is much more than that: in the Quest Office, Kathrina utilizes her talent for structures, fonts, and colors as a layout designer. She will be designing the layout for our next project "Chosen". Her task is to bring together words and images and find the right frame for our next story. If you want to know more about Kathrina, check out her website or listen to her music here! .
Ms Blue

Ms Blue

Nobody knows who Ms. Blue really is.... Just kidding. We all know. Only you don't know! Ms. Blau is an internet-famous role-player and storyteller who is known for her inclusive, personable, and creative play style. She likes to remain anonymous on the internet and we respect that. Ms. Blau is officially doing an internship in the Quest Office. She helps out in the social media and administrative departments. Her questions and looks often tell us more than a thousand words.