Shard Eater

Shard Eater is a storytelling game for 2 to 6 people.
You play the main roles in stories about dark abysses and how connection and self-knowledge can free you from them.
Together you have survived an unfathomable horror, but your memories have shattered into shards. As you discover who you are and what happened, a distant threat makes its way to you: The Shard Eater. He represents what catches up with you when you think it’s over!
Discover the grim circumstances that put you in this position, and remember together the survivors’ past. By being creative and shaping the different elements of the story, you’ll piece together the shards of your memories piece by piece.

…When Noah hears Rita’s powerful cry, he turns to her and sees the water source running dry. “You saved our asses!” he shouts to Rita. He wonders if the woman happened to grab the right one in the chaos of valves. Then it hits him again, “Hey, you’re the architect from overseas. Of course, the blueprints came from your head!” Rita turns her back on the valve, leans against the wall in exhaustion, and looks through the young, pale man for a moment. After a deep breath, she says, “Yes, that’s right. And you forbade me to talk to anyone about construction. Who would have thought I was digging my own grave!”
A moment later, old Elena raises her left hand, which had previously rested on her necklace, and points to a dark corner of the basement. The soaking wet sleeve of her dress is still dripping, while her index finger points in the direction of a ruined spiral staircase. A few moments later, the three find themselves at the top of the spiral staircase. Their eyes wander through a similarly trashed living room with a huge hole gaping in the middle of the floor.
Rita murmurs “What the hell happened here?” as she lets her gaze roam the room. Old Elena remarks, “There’s stone debris and wooden floorboards everywhere. The floor didn’t cave in, it was blown away toward the top.”

Noah says, “Yes, you’re right.” He takes a step toward the precipice and stares at the gray water in the basement, “There’s something engraved in the ground. From up here it looks like overlapping patterns. There are some runes or signs on it.” A jolt goes through Noah’s body as if he has to burp, “What are these images that are flashing through my mind? Are they memories?
I see disgusting tentacles lashing out in the basement room. No, they are
arms with huge claws and talons that reach out from a black vortex and destroy everything. They have blasted away the ceiling with their sheer strength.”
His gaze lingers on the center of the large circle on the basement floor.
Rita flinches and whispers in a broken voice, “Those monsters grabbed Biniam and Valerie. And I couldn’t protect them!”

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